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What is the Cunnington philosophy?

Cunnington is a small, high-end, furniture company that specializes in welded furniture. We offer metal framed/structured furniture crafted by the young, talented, master welder, Alex Cunnington. We build everything on demand to mitigate waste and use materials found in our great Canadian backyard to do so!


How can I buy a Cunnington piece of furniture?

At the moment we exclusively sell online, so this website is your avenue to purchasing your first, or next, Cunnington piece. You can place an order online directly or contact for any questions about the purchasing process. 


Does Cunnington have a store?

We only have an online store right now so, unfortunately, you will not be able to preview our furniture at any retail location.
But our manufacturing workshop is open to the public from Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm, when you are welcome to come visit and meet Alex Cunnington.


Should I visit the manufacturing workshop?

Our manufacturing workshop is NOT A STORE, and you won't be able to purchase anything at the workshop. That being said, you are welcome to come and meet Alex Cunnington - the artist behind the brand name.

Alex will be able to answer any of your questions, as well as demonstrate some of the furniture he's working on at the moment so you get an idea of the high quality products on offer at Cunnington!

Our manufacturing workshop is located at: 375 Corbeil street, Sherbrooke, Qc, J1G H3H, and opening hours are from 9am to 5pm from Monday to Friday. 


How long will it take to produce and ship my order after my online purchase?

Cunnington builds on demand to mitigate material waste. Once your order is processed we start manufacturing it! The process can take up to 3 weeks. You will receive an email with a shipping date shortly after your order is processed.


Does Cunnington ship across the world?

Currently, Cunnington only ships in Canada. But, if you are not from Canada and would still like to order from us, contact 


Can I avoid shipping cost and come pick-up my order?

Absolutely! You can select the "pick-up" option when you are going through the checkout process. After placing an order you will receive an email specifying the time and day your order will be ready. You are free to pass by at any point after that time and day during our opening hours.


What is Cunnington's return policy?  

Cunnington is a small company that deals with every return on a case by case basis. When you contact, you are addressing one of its two partners directly, so your concerns are never lost in a bureaucratic hierarchy! We find a solution for any inconvenience if you are not fully satisfied with our products... But, we have a sneaky feeling you'll love every one of your Cunnington purchases!